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You found my Website! I hope you find this site helpful. Thanks for taking the time to cyber-stalk me.

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I serve at Arbor Road Church in Long Beach, CA as the Pastor of Ministries. While my title is vague, my job is awesome; I love it. There’s more info below.


I speak at various gatherings like camps, conferences and events. I have personally enjoyed many great speakers at those gatherings, so it’s a true honor to have these opportunities.


Over the years I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to post things online because the internet is awesome and we can all thank Al Gore, Prodigy and Tom from MySpace for their pioneering work.

Goals for 2017:

EntertainmentWeekLater: The goal is to record 52 Podcasts in 2017 that correspond with the past week’s Entertainment Weekly. Various friends will join along the way and with the advent of cost cutting measures like “double issues” we will get creative to ensure there’s 52 episodes.

Monthly Leadership Articles“: Focused on Team Building, distributed on Linkedin & Medium and Archived at

Past Projects:

God Centered Youth Ministry” (2014-2015) : Member of a team of Youth Leaders who wrote articles, recorded a regular podcast and interviewed Professors and Pastors about how the church can have engaging and grounded youth ministries. Great fun with some great friends.

Thoughts of Trent” (2007-2012): Pop Culture Blog was on Blogger- the myspace of blogging things. I was paid dozens of dollars in advertisement revenue. #bigtime #beforehashtag

Disney Fanatic

I have read nearly every published book on Walt’s original park Disneyland and have been a Premium Annual Passholder since I turned 16. I deeply enjoy Disneyland yet have enough social awareness to know that I can not simply write “Disneyland” under hobbies on forms I fill out.

Home: Long Beach, CA



I grew up in the San Fernando & Simi Valleys, just north of Los Angeles. I put my trust in Jesus at a young age and grew up with a deep passion for the local church. In 2013 I married my wife Cora, and she was definitely worth the wait. Cora works part-time as a health consultant with her own business called Start Embracing Health and works tirelessly to support her boys.  In February of 2016 we had our first child, Clark. (#ClarkStephenLewis in case one of your social media feeds is lacking cute babies.) Clark is a ton of fun and his smile remains a great reminder to both of us that God has gifted us and we get to steward His plan for Clark. When he wakes us up in the middle of the night, we are thankful for that Hashtag to remind us what a gift he is cute.

I’m thankful for my wife and son because I get to enjoy life with them, serve Jesus alongside my family and have a whole new way for God  to teach me so much about His love.



Pastoral Ministry:

While I enjoy speaking and writing for various ministries, my primary focus is on leading as the Pastor of Ministries at Arbor Road Church in Long Beach, California. I get to serve on an executive team led by Brent Eldridge, with Darin McWatters, Jeff Zabel and Nick Gisler. We lead an amazing church that started as First Baptist Lakewood in 1947 and today the same church remains committed to the Gospel and simply goes by a different name. My role oversees our Grow Ministries. This involves working with a great team of Pastors, Ministers and volunteers that leaders who oversee Kids, Students, Small Groups and Adult Communities at Arbor Road. An additional part of my role is overseeing our intern program. We come alongside leaders who are clarifying their lifelong call to ministry. Each year 20 people come alongside our amazing volunteers as they learn and clarify whether God is calling them to vocational or volunteer ministry.  I joined the team in 2008, before that leading the High School Ministry at The Church at Rocky Peak in Chatsworth, California. photo

Experience & Education:

I have been speaking regularly as a pastor since 2002 and that has opened doors to speak at various churches, camps and campus chapels. My primary goal in teaching is to see students encounter a living and active God through his living and active Word. As a pastor, I’m passionate to encourage the local church and set up great leaders for on going discussion about God’s Word. I try and relate directly with the group in front of me and meet them where they are at. I have a Bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership and Biblical Studies from Biola University and am completing my Masters in Pastoral Ministry at Liberty Theological Seminary.

Speaking Style:

I was once asked by someone that was coordinator speakers “What makes you different as a speaker?” Initially I didn’t really know how to answer the question. He mentioned other speakers that “tried to sound like Francis Chan” or “Threw candy out to get everyone’s attention”. I simply laughed and said that while I love Francis and I love candy, that is not me. After I was done speaking at the event, he approached me and said “Your style is obvious; you engage the crowd with humor and then share insight directly from God’s Word. You make simple truths seem brand new.” I was honored by his words and continue to wonder if it would have been better if I’d impersonated Francis Chan while throwing out candy. We will never know.

Past Speaking Opportunities:

  • Hume Lake Christian Camps, Hume CA
  • Forest Home, Forest Falls CA
  • Hume New England, Monterey MA
  • Sugar Pine, Oakhurst CA
  • Mentorship Conference- EV Free Fullerton, Fullerton CA
  • Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido CA
  • Trinity United Presbyterian Church, Santa Ana CA
  • Heritage Christian School, North Hills CA
  • Valley Christian Middle & High Schools, Cerritos CA

Complete List & References Available via Email.

Types of Gatherings:

  • Camps & Retreats
  • Main Service Guest / Pulpit Supply
  • Outreach & Service Events
  • Leadership Conferences

Topic Lists Available via Email.


  • High School
  • Middle School
  • College/Young Adults
  • Parents
  • Senior Adults


Jen Manlief // Student Director

“Trent Lewis is an engaging speaker, able to draw in people of many ages and backgrounds. He utilizes storytelling and humor to draw out deep theological issues that might otherwise be dry or overlooked. His speaking is a great asset to our program, and leading students to a deeper vulnerability with each other and Christ,without being emotionally manipulative or heavy handed. He unlocks truth in a way that is both natural and impacting, and backs it up with his life and in relationship with our students.”

Jen Manlief
// Former Associate Director
// Joshua Wilderness Institute
// Hume Lake, CA

Tony Lin // Youth Pastor

“Trent Lewis spoke at our family camp for 2 years and did a great job speaking to our junior high students at Twin Peaks Conference Center. Each year the students were engaged. Counselors have remarked at the responsiveness of the lessons and messages. We heartily recommend this brother for any speaking engagements!”

Tony Lin
// English Pastor
// First Chinese Baptist Church
// Fountain Valley, CA

Dan Noteboom // Chapel Coordinator

“Trent has a gift for connecting with kids, drawing them in with his quick wit and hysterical antics, then using that open door to challenge and encourage them in the Word.”

Dan Noteboom
// Chapel Coordinator
// Valley Christian Schools
// Cerritos, CA

Anonymous Student // College

“I loved Trent Lewis as a speaker. While he was speaking I was on the edge of the seat listening. I didn’t even need to take that many notes in knowing that I could remember all he was talking about. His stories impacted me more because I felt that I could relate to him in being and going through some of the same situations in life.”

Young Adult
// Week in Review from Gap-Year Discipleship Program
// Southern California

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